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Wills and Estates

We are an expert team dealing with Wills and Estates litigations across multiple jurisdictions. securing the best outcomes for our clients. We consider every aspect of the situation when it comes to the complexities of wills, estate planning or estate administration and ensure that our clients’ rights are protected. We are dedicated to listen to our clients’ concerns and secure the best outcomes by offering expert legal advice across the following areas.

Drafting Wills

Our Wills and Estates services include drafting Wills and other related documents such as Guardianship and Powers of Lawyer. We carefully consider your circumstances and are well aware of the applicable laws. Our expert team can advise on possible challenges to your Will and how to best avoid conflict when you are gone.

Disputed Wills

We work on defending and prosecuting Family Provisions claims and appear in the NSW’s Supreme Court. Our aim is to settle matters in an inexpensive manner with full litigation and we have a record of excellent success rates with such outcomes.

Guardianship and “Living Wills”

Establishing a guardianship is necessary for many reasons, such as the death of a parent having a minor child, mental incapacity, dementia, psychiatric disorders, disabilities and paralysis.

We can help you in drafting documents and making appropriate applications which can help your obtaining guardianship procedure less complex. Additionally, we prepare Powers of Lawyers as well.