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Criminal Lawyers

At Michael Vassili Lawyers, our criminal practice strives hard to keep our clients have a clear criminal record. Our experienced lawyers act in all criminal law matters from guilty pleas through to fully defended Jury Trials. We can provide the right advice for your case as well as protecting your rights as a criminal defendant.

We can appear on:

  • Bail applications
  • Committal Hearings
  • Contested Hearings
  • Appeals
  • Representations to have charges withdrawn or downgraded.

Guilty Pleas

We can arrange hearings to have your case properly presented to the court so that you get the least possible penalty. We discuss with our clients and advocate for various sentencing outcomes along with considering the alternatives to sentencing. A well considered application can make a huge difference to the court’s decision for your case. So if you plan on pleading guilty in court, seek advice from our criminal law experts.

Defended Hearings

A defended criminal court hearing must be conducted properly to preserve rights and so we take intense preparation for defended hearings. Our lawyers know the relevant laws and the regulations of evidence and we ensure the legal argument can be presented in a convincing manner. We appear as Trial Advocates from the Local Court as well as defend Jury matters.


Experience matters and we are 100% committed to bringing you the best results for appeals. We are proud of our high success rate for appeals. Our appeal lawyers at Michael Vassili Lawyers will review your case and guide you with the right legal strategy to proceed.