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Family Lawyers

Our skilled family lawyers are experienced in achieving excellent outcomes in Family Law Proceedings. We can assist you in all kinds of Family Law applications, be it the preparation of applications and responses or hearings and appeals. We are proud of our settlement rate and can guide you to make the right decisions at every step of your proceeding.

Parenting Applications 

Legal proceedings concerning your children can be traumatic for parents, especially after the separation of parents. At Michael Vassili Lawyers, we take a child focused approach being careful about the wellbeing of the child. We are aware of our duty towards not only the parents, but also to the child and the court in presenting child focused evidence and submissions. We can assist you with formal orders of the Court either as decided at a Hearing or by agreement and find the best resolution that works in your child’s best interest.

Property Applications

It is important to have proper advice when it comes to appealing for the rightful share of your matrimonial assets. We have a high settlement rate for property matters and have successfully solved the most complex property disputes. Settling property division matters is a lengthy and complicated procedure, but Michael Vassili Lawyers will legally assist you throughout the property division aspects of your marriage separation case and work to protect for your best interest.

Binding Financial Agreements

We specialise in binding Financial Agreements of all forms and can prepare an agreement that not only caters to your specific needs but also meets the strict rules so that it provides the maximum protection for you against future claims. If the strict rules are not followed in the preparation of these agreements, they can be declared  non-binding or set aside by the court. So, it is important that you seek advice on the agreement from a skilled and experienced family law practitioner like us.


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Our experienced family lawyers are here to provide the legal advice and representation you need. Whether it’s with a prenuptial agreement, divorce, custody dispute or any other family law matter, our lawyers can help. With a Book Your Consultation appointment, you can get started with your case today. We understand that family law matters can be sensitive and complex, so let us help you navigate through your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us now for your free consultation and let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.