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Statutory Authority Reviews

Statutory Authority Reviews

We appear in Local Government and other Statutory authority Civil and Criminal enforcements such as unauthorised development under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, Local Government and other legislation & Environmental Prosecutions.

Unauthorised Development

The consequences of a Civil enforcement or criminal prosecution in the Land and Environment Court can be very extreme. So you have to be extra careful and act fast when approaching these issues. We have our expert team who can ensure the best possible outcome if you have had orders or notices for such offences.

Regulatory Body Sanctions

Our lawyers have acted in various appeals and defended cases conducted by regulatory bodies. This includes sanctions against Doctors, Nurses, Health Professionals; Suspension and Cancellation of Registration of Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) by ASQA; Cancellation of Vehicle Inspection Licences by the RMS; and a many different Regulatory Body actions.

We have successfully solved these cases and conducted the first successful challenge to the cancellation of an RTO’s registration by ASQA AAMS v ASQA (AAT)

Compulsory Acquisitions

We have worked on conducting contested hearings in the Land and Environment Court for compulsory  acquisitions. We advocate for land owners in obtaining just terms in accordance with their rights at law, both within the Land and Environment Court as well as by direct negotiation with the acquiring authority.